Mumbai and Nhava-Sheva Ship-Agents Association - (MANSA), founded in the year 1977, is the vision of a group of dynamic and progressive shipping professionals. This association was earlier called Bombay Steamer Agents Association (BSAA).

As decided in the 38th AGM held on 16th September 2016 it will however be now known as MARITIME ASSOCIATION OF NATIONWIDE SHIPPING AGENCIES - INDIA

The founding fathers of MANSA were driven to convene a common platform to address and redress the host of work related issues faced by Ship Agents and enhance working and business relationships with the port authorities and port administration.

Before 1977, Ship Agents professional interests were represented by “The Committee of Shipping Interests in the Overseas Trade”, consisting of ship owners and ship-agents. This committee however became defunct and the Shipping Sub-committee of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry stepped in to take care of the interests of Ship Agents. This Committee which still exists primarily served the interest of its members, which includes exporters, importers, C&F Agents etc. and does not cater exclusively to the needs of Ship Agents. Hence, the need for an exclusive body to deal with issues of ship-agents was felt.

The main agenda of founding MANSA was to create a united front and give a powerful voice to the grievances of the Ship Agents who were playing a vital role in contributing to the growth of ports in and around the city of Mumbai.

The persons who took this initiative were the Late Damodar M Parekh, and the Late Syed Dadeek Jalali. It also included esteemed personalities like N.M. Mehta, R.S. Cooper, D.S.Kumana and P.J. Dalal.

The founders had a vision which envisaged nurturing a strong unity among members, built on the foundation of common professional interests.

Most importantly, by bringing all Ship Agents under one umbrella the founders wanted to ensure professional dignity, professional resolution to work issues and a professional representation of Ship Agents in the whole shipping industry.

The evolving concept of “multi-modal solutions” and the commissioning of the Jawaharlal Nehru Port in 1989 prompted the Executive Committee to rename the Association to include and reflect its true activity areas - Mumbai Port and the JNP. The name 'Bombay Steamer Agents Association' was thus changed to 'Bombay and Nhava-Sheva Ship Agents Association' (BANSA).

Consequent upon the change of name of the city and port from 'Bombay' to ‘Mumbai’ the Association also in the AGM held on 12th July 1996, replaced ‘BOMBAY’ with ‘MUMBAI’ in it’s name. A further change in name was effected in the AGM held on 17th August 2001 to 'Mumbai and Nhava-Sheva Ship-Agents Association' (MANSA).

MANSA is acknowledged as the truly recognised voice of Ship Agents who have business operations in Mumbai and Nhava Sheva. It has attracted to its decision making board an eminent panel of distinguished and active shipping professionals who are steering the association to new horizons.

With the interests of members as the focal point of all its activities, MANSA has built a membership roster of over 100 prestigious shipping companies and has set an enviable track record of addressing their needs competently, amicably and on time.

MANSA is continuously evolving as a serious trade body dedicated to championing the cause of its members at local, regional and the national level. It constantly interacts with concerned Ministries, Government departments, Ports, Trade bodies such as Chambers of Commerce, C&F Agents, ASSOC, CSLA etc., and has established a solid presence in the country’s shipping industry. Going further, MANSA members voiced the need for a wider all-India body to address the issues that are common in ports across the country.

In the year 1988, therefore MANSA floated the idea of a Federation of Ship-Agents. Today the office of the Federation functions under the aegis of the MANSA Secretariat and the main objectives of FEDSAI are to address shipping related matters of national importance with a sole aim to promote shipping industry in our country.

MANSA members’ meet once every month. Out of the members, 12 members act as executive committee members. The committee meets once a month and the general body meeting is held once a year, unless there is a specific requirement to have more.

MANSA discusses all the issues related to the Ship Agents business with the relevant Port and Customs authorities in a continuous manner. This enables it to keep all its members abreast of the latest developments in the industry on an almost daily basis. Special issues are acted upon through a collective decision and individual cases too are taken up through a formal report submission procedure done to the MANSA office.

MANSA is a legally recognized, industry
acknowledged and completely unified
body of Ship Agents operating in
Mumbai Port and Jawaharlal Nehru Port .