Good Evening Respected Members, Luminaries, Past Presidents, The Current Executive Committee Members, Colleagues, Ladies & Gentlemen, Young Men & Women.

It is indeed a great honour for me to be standing here. I never thought nor ever envisaged doing something like this! Yes, I have been there, done that, worn T-Shirts, played marbles, chased the girls etc. etc. but never this...

May I, on behalf of the Executive Committee, extend A VERY WARM AND HEARTY WELCOME TO ALL of you. We are truly humbled by your presence here today.

Ladies & Gentlemen, another YEAR has passed by and as Warren Buffett once said, "In the World of Business, the Rear View mirror is always clearer than the Wind Shield ahead."

What HE meant to say is, when we look ahead, our path may not be clear BUT in hind sight, it all seems so clear with regard to what could have been better or what we should have done better. Nevertheless, we are confident, that the path we follow in the years to come, will only lead MANSA to Greater Success & More Glory.

So, let us put on our THINKING Caps & begin the proceedings for the day.

Before we dive into the Agenda, first of all, a BIG Thank You.

• To ALL the MANSA Members

Whom I could NOT Thank last year as the Election for the President was held a Month later for having Voted & Supported OVER THE LAST SEVEN Years that I have been in the Executive Committee.

• To Past Presidents

Whose Glorious contributions are "unparalleled". They have been a "Pillar of Support". Their valuable advice during my tenure is "Priceless". Their past efforts bring us ALL here today.

• To ONE & ALL EC Members

For reposing their faith & trust in me & selecting me as the President for this Term. For their Suggestions, Contributions & Participation.

Honestly, I have tried to engage all EC Members and I'm happy to say, I have managed to do so to a great extent. I offer MY sincere apologies, if I have stepped on anyone's toes. I remain committed and assure you that I shall do my best IN DRIVING YOU ALL. Being a "Punjabi By Nature" I do realize, I'm aggressive at times and may have offended some of you who are "NOT Punjabi BY Nature".

• I'm grateful to the Secretariat Staff

For their hard-work & dedication. They've been working long hours - at times till late in the night & often till 8:00 or 9:00 PM in the evenings. I can assure them that there is lot more of it ahead! For their Co-ordination & Co-operation, without which, our efforts would be meaningless. THEY HAVE STOOD BY ME & the EC Members, in GOOD times & BAD times.

• And, Last BUT not the least

Thanks to the YMF & the WE Team, who have energized MANSA with their Youthful & Positive Energy.

I hope I have not missed anyone except of course my colleagues at NYK who are the main reason, why I'm here.

MAY I call for a HUGE round of applause for the MANSA Team.

Having done that and going on to the next PART.

Those who have been a part of earlier AGM's will recall that I have always advocated Change. I have also always believed in "Walking the Talk" & so I did, after having been chosen to lead the EC Team.

So, let me take you thru the initial stages of my holding this Office.

Being employed by a Japanese MNC, I had to DEFINE a "Process".

First, I HAD to THINK and YOU know being a Sardar that is a TOUGH Job.

To start with, HOW it ALL happened.

• I, Thought & Prepared for ONE month

And made the presentation to the ECM in November 2014. I was told to implement straight away but I said 'NO'. Further, re-fined the ideas for ANOTHER month & then came up with a Final Plan i.e. A 15 Point Agenda. The EC approved it in December 2014.

• In January was caught up with my Companies Annual Strategy Meeting.

• Commenced "Planning - Implementation" in mid-February, 2015

Now, on a Lighter Note, this is where the FUN began. Only TWO EC members "OPTED" for responsibilities. The Attendance fell to 50%. People who used to come regularly - Stopped coming! But ALL were required to participate so we held a 'Pick up Chit" contest. For the EC members who were not present, Past Presidents present in the meeting picked the chits on their behalf.

• We did another "Naughty" Thing. At every Monthly meeting.

We prepared a report of who had done what. The REST I will leave it to your IMAGINATION…

Anyway, that's how it panned out BUT we had Fun ALL along.

• Finally we started the "Implementation" in March 2015

The Plan was to be "Well Prepared" so that we come out with "ALL Guns Blazing". With the "WE" & "YMF" in place. We went Bang, Bang…

• 03rd July 2015 was the 1st Blast. The Conference on "Anti-Trust" & "Anti-Bribery". We "WANTED" to give a message and I think we DID!!!

• On 3rd August 2015, MANSA held its 1st Member Conclave

• We bring you the AGM today 11th September 2015

• We plan to do the 2nd Member Conclave in October 2015

• We want to have our Next MANSA Conference in November 2015. Whilst the YMF is all geared up SOME of the Oldies in our EC seem to be losing steam, and by the way, I'm NOT an Oldie!

BUT let me now explain to you the THOUGHT Process. Before we dive into the details we need to Survive.

Ladies, Gentlemen, it has been an interesting year for me & I'm looking forward to the coming year. I have mostly been working on Saturdays & Sundays to devote time for this responsibility that YOU all had entrusted me with I do hope I have done justice & delivered. I did what best I could & rest assured I shall continue to endeavour.

I'm open to ideas, albeit Constructive Ideas & Advice. Sorry, if I tend to ignore negativity. After all we have one Life to Live so let us live it KING Size.

In conclusion I would like to quote Winston Churchill who once said, "Let me assure you this is NOT the End, It is NOT EVEN the beginning of the END. It is the END of the Beginning"

Thank you one and ALL. Let's work together & take MANSA to greater heights.

Capt. Vivek S. Anand

MANSA is a legally recognized, industry
acknowledged and completely unified
body of Ship Agents operating in
Mumbai Port and Jawaharlal Nehru Port .